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Los Jazmines Hotel
Los Jazmines Hotel
Viñales, Pinar del Rio
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Vegetation is varied with predominance of conifer woods towards the south; there are pasture lands and crops alternating with secondary vegetation towards the center and mangrove-tree communities along the littoral strip. To the northwest portion of the territory, there are sugarcane crops.
In the vast southern plains, there are pastures, rose-bushes, sugarcane, tobacco, minor fruit, and palm communities. Towards the central part there are fruit crops, pasture lands and sugarcane.
South from the city of Pinar del Río, stand out the lands where excellent Cuban tobacco is grown, as well as minor fruit and rice crops.
In the mountains of the Sierra de los Órganos, around the hummocks of the area, there are plantations of the famous Cuban tobacco of the Vuelta Abajo region and minor fruit.

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